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Exposing Alaska - Don Elbert

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Alaska is Wilder than the old west ever was! In this book, Alaskans disclose in print their candid recollections of treasured memories and tear-filled moments. Feel the pebbles as you walk in their footsteps. Join them as they relive their biggest thrills and some fifty-below-zero chills.

Meet the trailblazers of today who have crossed the chasms and are living a lifestyle that is all but extinct in the "Lower Forty-Eight." Experience the uniqueness of the multicultural people who live in Alaska and face unrivaled difficulties.

Not since Jack London's Call of the Wild have more real men and women, bears, moose, and sled dogs trotted across the pages of a book.

202 pages

Printed in Canada

Book measures: 8.5" x 5.5" x 0.5"