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Are you looking for an exciting summer job in Alaska? 

 Live and work near Denali National Park

See Mt. Denali, northern lights, and tons of wildlife. 

 We have the best value housing in the area for $6.50/day
Please read the full details below before submitting an application.

Available Positions

Sales associates work in our gift shops. They are primarily responsible for assisting customers and providing them with a friendly experience.  All transactions are handled through a computerized point of sale system.  Sales associates must be comfortable with the US currency and able to count every transaction accurately.  Duties include: unloading trucks, counting merchandise, tagging merchandise, creating visually appealing displays, writing and retrieving stock lists, maintaining clean and accurately labeled storage areas, dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, refolding garments, and any other tasks that may be required for the business to operate.  Associates must pay exceptional attention to detail and maintain a highly productive attitude throughout every shift.  This position is perfect for hard working individuals who are great with people.

Clothing store and cash handling experience preferred.

Background Check Required.

Wage includes hourly rate and end of season bonus TBD.

The bonus is accrued on a daily basis and paid at the end of the season.  It is earned by providing our customer service standards to every guest, following our policies, working to complete assigned tasks, improving work based on managements' feedback, and receiving managements' approval of the work before marking it off as complete.

General Job Requirements

     The summer visitor to Alaska is the only reason this business, other businesses in the Park area, and your job exists. At all times we must consider the customer and his/her needs more important than any other aspect of the business.The tourist, most often, has never been to Alaska before and will have a variety of questions and needs that we must have empathy for and try to answer and solve. This portion of your job can be fun and personally rewarding if handled with the right attitude. Visitors will fondly remember a friendly employee. You should be fairly well oriented to the Park and surrounding areas within a few weeks after arriving. This knowledge will help you direct visitors to local attractions, etc.      

     All employees are required to work as needed. You will have the opportunity to set schedule preferences, however we do not guarantee any specific recurring schedules. Priority will be given to single occurrence time off requests. This is to provide people with the opportunity to take backpacking trips, trips to other parts of Alaska, or spend time with family and friends that come to visit. 

     All employees are expected to work continuously from the time they clock in until the time they clock out.  There are always task lists to work on.

     The dress requirements are normal, regular, conservative, comfortable clothes that may include clean non-patched jeans without holes, tears, rips, etc. Sturdy shoes (hiking boots work well) and a Company Polo or T-shirt. (We issue the shirts, but you must wash and care for them.) Employees are required to come to work smelling and looking clean. Please do not make us ask you to fix your personal hygiene. 

     It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you obtain a flu shot before arriving in Denali. You will be interacting with over 1,000,000 tourists from all over the world. 

     We ask above all else that you have a healthy work ethic and strive to do your job well. We encourage a positive attitude. People without happy and positive personalities will not like working for us and will very likely not finish the season nor collect a bonus check. People who party a lot or have a drug problem will definitely not be with us for long and should not bother to apply!We will all be working, eating, sleeping, and generally living together for four months. This requires positive efforts from everyone to ensure we get along well every day. We want everyone to be comfortable in order to make the most of this summer experience. We ask that only those persons who truly enjoy working with people apply. 

Pay and Bonus

     Wages are specific to each position and they’re described in the “Available Positions” section above.  Full time employees will be scheduled 35 paid hours per week for the majority of the summer.  Hours may be slightly lower near the end of the season due to reduced business hours.  

     The bonus is earned by meeting the requirements for each position as described in the "Available Positions" section above.  You must also complete your contracted dates.  The bonus will be held as a cleaning and damage deposit for employee housing.  Bonuses will be paid in one lump sum at the end of the season after you check out of housing.  The full details of the bonus for your position will be explained during the interview.  


     We charge $6.50 per day for housing.  Your housing charge includes rent, utilities, internet, and some basic supplies. The property is within walking distance of a shuttle stop and several local businesses.


     The employee cabins give the property an authentic Alaskan vibe, and provide more privacy than the typical dorm style rooms. They are small wood-framed cabins that vary in cosmetic condition, but provide solid shelter. Every cabin has electric heat, lights, outlets, bed frames, mattresses, and a full size refrigerator. There are two people in each cabin and you are free to swap room mates as you make friends. Most cabins contain twin size bunk beds that can be stacked or separated. We have a few full size beds available for couples.

     We have a main house on the property located within 40 yards of your personal cabins. It has a community kitchen and sitting area. There is usually a collection of tableware, pots, pans, spices, and cooking utensils left by previous employees that you are free to use. The only items we provide here are paper towels, dish soap, sponges, trash bags, and cleaning chemicals. You will need to buy your own food. There is a large full-service grocery store less than a mile from camp.  Keep in mind the prices are 30-40% higher than most areas of USA. 

     There is a shower house with two private restrooms as well as two more private restrooms inside the main house. There are three showers and four toilets available to the 18 or so people living on-site. We provide toilet paper, hand soap, and cleaning supplies. There are two sets of coin laundry machines. The cost is $2 per wash and $1 per dry. Washer detergent and dryer sheets are included.

     WiFi is included with your housing. The best signal is in the main house. We have an outdoor antenna that reaches the cabins, however when everyone is home and online this signal weakens. Due to our remote location the entire camp shares a 40 mbps connection. You can expect lag when everyone is trying to stream music and video at the same time.

There is 4G cell phone service available in the area through AT&T and Verizon. For Verizon to work well your phone must support global roaming..


     This is an Employee Housing program and does not fall under the standard tenant/landlord laws. If you cause problems at housing or at work you will lose both your job and your housing. Terminated employees are required to pack and vacate the property immediately. We provide transportation to the shuttle stop or train depot for any departing employees.

     We do not include concierge service nor maid service. It is up to all employees to work together to keep the shower house, main log cabin/kitchen area, rec room, common areas and your cabin clean. Your dishes need to be cleaned before leaving the kitchen. If the garbage is full please take it to the dumpster. There will also be unpaid assigned cleaning every week. We split the common areas up by room, put everyone’s name in a hat, and pull names to assign rooms.  We will restart once every name has been pulled. You will all be living together and everyone needs to work together to keep the employee complex a clean, nice and fun place to live all summer! 


     The employee housing and warehouse property is privately owned. For security reasons no non-employees are allowed on the premises without prior approval from management for each visit. Employees will be charged $20/night/guest. Employees are not allowed to have pets on the property.

     The camp must remain a friendly and safe living environment.  Drama, violence, harassment, drug problems, anger problems, racism, sexism, and homophobia are not welcome here.  We will not councel you or mediate your social problems.  If any such issues are brought to management the perpetrator will be asked to leave.  


The Area

Denali Park, Alaska

     Denali National Park is world famous for abundant wildlife, mountain vistas, hiking, and backpacking.  The park consists of 9,492 square miles of protected land.  The park service provides an extensive network of hiking trails from the business district to all the nearby facilities and sightseeing areas.  The visitors center provides information, a book store, and a cafe. The Wilderness Access Center offers bus rides, camping permits, interpretive programs, and free bear training.  There is a free bus to the sled dog kennels where you can pet the dogs and watch a free informational show.  There are also free buses to the Mountain Vista and Savage River trail networks.  Farther destinations in the park require purchasing a ticket.  More information about Denali National Park can be found here: 

     The business district is located 1/2 mile north of Denali National Park. Our three gift stores are staggered along this area. There are approximately 2000 hotel rooms and a dozen bars and restaurants.  There is also a liquor store, gas station, two convenience stores, flight seeing tours, white water rafting, dozens of gift shops, and other tourist type operations. Over 4000 seasonal employees work in the area and there are over 7000 visitors each day. We suggest you spend some time researching the businesses that are around. Many of the tour companies offer discounts to employees working in the area.  

Healy, Alaska

     Healy is a small town where we house our employees.  It is located about 10 miles north of Denali Park. Within a mile of housing you can access a grocery store, gas station, bars, restaurants, hardware store, bank, troopers office, fire department, medical clinic, liquor store, and dispensary.  The prices in Healy are 30-40% higher than most areas of USA.  There are also a few interesting outdoor areas nearby.  Dry creek is 1/4 mile from housing and provides a place for campfires and hiking.  Otto lake is 3 miles from housing and allows boating and fishing.  


Employee Shuttle

     We provide a free employee shuttle service from our housing complex to the gift shops. This shuttle runs twice per day in correlation with the morning and night shifts. Employees are encouraged to ride these shuttles during their time off to access Denali Park. Employees are also encouraged to organize with the shuttle drivers if they would like dropped off or picked up at any location along the usual route. Breaking from the direct route is not permitted. Each pay day employees are allowed to organize group trips to the grocery store and bank.

Local Shuttle

     There is a local shuttle service that stops several times a day at most locations in the area. Their farthest south stop is Denali Park Village about 8 miles south of Denali National Park. Their farthest north stop is Healy Base Camp about 1/4 mile from our employee housing. They also stop at 49th State Brewery, Prospectors Pizza, Denali Park Salmon Bake, and the Wilderness Access Center. The price is generally $5/day or 20 one way rides for $20.

Getting To/From Denali

     You will be responsible for your transportation to and from Denali for the season. The main form of transportation to Alaska is by air. It is cheaper to fly into Anchorage (ANC). The other option is to fly into Fairbanks (FAI). We recommend flying into Anchorage as flights are less expensive. The most reasonable place to stay in Anchorage is the (1-907-276-3635). If you have a larger budget and you’re feeling adventurous you may want to drive your car up on the Alcan Highway. We strongly suggest you pick up a copy of The Milepost guide if you plan on driving.There are a few options for transportation in and out of the Denali area. The Alaska/Yukon Trails Shuttle can be found at They offer van service from Fairbanks to Denali to Anchorage. The Alaska Railroad can be found at If you would like to book a ticket with the Alaska Railroad we can get you 50% off of adventure class.  

     We do not provide transportation outside of the local area under any circumstances. A visit to the closest major city of Fairbanks will cost you a minimum of $75 for a round trip train ticket and requires staying over night.  

Employee Reviews

“I had a fantastic summer working for the Denali Gift Company. “

-Luke Bercham

“I can safely say I would return to Alaska, and I am very grateful for the friends I met and the time I had. ” 

- Colin Eilers

“Denali Gift Co's employees have the best housing that I know of. ” 

- Viktoria Nenova

“My two seasons left remarkable experience in my life that I will never forget. ” 

- Toni

Important Note

     We have been in business at Denali National Park for over thirty five years now. In that time, we have had hundreds of summer associates work with us.  Most of them have had a great time and really enjoyed it.  A few did not enjoy it at all.  It is very unsettling for everyone when someone comes all the way North only to find out they don't like it.  To avoid this crisis please read all of the details above, do your own research into the area, and make certain this is a good fit for you.  


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