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Ulu Knife With A Multi Colored Wood Handle

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The Ulu knife has been an important tool to native Alaskans for more than 5000 years. It is used to skin seals, moose, and other game, fillet salmon, as well as cut vegetables, herbs, and thread. The unique shape of the Ulu knife has stayed relatively the same over the years. Its design has needed little improvement. 

  • The curved stainless steel blade rocks back and forth to cut quickly, giving sure control, when slicing, chopping, cutting and mincing.
  • The center of force is concentrated directly over the middle of the blade. 
  • Creates twice the direct downward force compared to that of conventional cutlery. 


Ulu Knife with a 5 1/2" x 2 5/8" Stainless Steel Blade

Wood Stand


Your stainless steel Ulu blade will stay sharp for a long time.  Sharpen the hollow ground edge on beveled side as you would other fine cutlery when needed. Wash by hand in warm soapy water. Do not soak: rinse and dry thoroughly. Prolonged contact with water will damage the handle. 

Pick up our companion Ulu cookbook for recipes and ideas on how to integrate this original Alaskan knife into your kitchen.

Designed in Alaska

Made in China